Sarah Bakes Shares With...

Now At The Bryn Mawr Farmers Market!! 

I love sharing Sarah Bakes in person - and the best place I have found to do that is at a farmers market. Customers are interested in all things yummy, fresh and local -- luscious peaches, crunchy parsnips, grass-fed meats, and yes, treat-yourself-worthy desserts (that's where Sarah Bakes comes in)! 

The Bala Cynwyd Farmers Market has been my "shop" since its inception over five years ago, and I have loved meeting neighbors and 
friends, and introducing folks to one another. But the BCFM is going on hiatus this year as the 2015 location, albeit stunning and bucolic on the Cynwyd Heritage Trail, had its challenges.

All is not lost, faithful eaters and sharers! Sarah Bakes is moving west -- not far, just about five miles along the Main Line to Bryn Mawr! 

I encourage those of you who are not so far away, to jump start your Saturday mornings by shopping the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market, from 9am-1pm. It's conveniently located, steps from the R5 train station in Bryn Mawr in the Amtrak lot on Lancaster Avenue between Morris and Bryn Mawr Avenues in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. 

If you were a Bala Cynwyd Farmers Market regular, you'll still see some of your other favorite vendors, like Frecon Farms, Green Zebra, Davidson's Mushrooms, Livengood Farms, in addition to other new finds like Good Spoon Soups and Fair Trade Coffee. 

Opening Day for Sarah Bakes is May 21st (the weekly market opens on April 30th). I will be there once a month. My first four dates 
are: May 21st, June 18th, July 16th, August 13th. More dates will be added in the coming months. 

I hope to see you all the Market soon! 


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