Your personalized treasure of sweets is prepared with the warmest of sentiment and thought.  And it is baked that way as well.  I hope you love every bite of your Sarah Bakes.

Toasted pecans add distinction to these all-time classic chocolate chip cookies. They are slightly bigger 
than bite-sized, but feel free to challenge yourself and pop it in all at once. 
The origin of the name of this satisfying cinnamon sugar cookie is debatable, but after one bite, the topic of conversation will surely change! 
Sarah’s Best Brownies
Rich, moist, fudgy, chocolate-powered bites of decadence. These brownies are better if shared – they are a great way to make friends! Available with toasted pecans as well.           

Gluten Free Best Brownies
Sarah’s classic brownies made with sweet sorghum flour.  Please note that every attempt is made to produce these fudgy treats in a gluten-free environment, but they share the same equipment as the other Sarah Bakes products.

PB S'Brownies
The classic combination of rich chocolate swirled with peanut butter.            

This is the bar cookie for the person who wants it all!  Coconut, toffee bits, toasted walnuts and bittersweet Callebaut chocolate chips folded into a brown sugary/buttery yum.

Toasted walnuts and golden raisins make this crunchy oatmeal cookie unlike any other.

Choco Nuts
A moist, over-the-top Belgian-chocolate cookie filled with toasted walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Cynwyd Trail Mix

A whole lot of healthy goodness to power your treks - a cookie full of oats, nuts, dried fruit, coconut and sweetened only with honey.

Crazy Oats
These delectable oatmeal cookies are jam-packed with goodies and goodness -- tart dried cherries and
bittersweet chocolate chips make them irresistible. 

Ginger Crisps
Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, decidedly delicious. These candied-ginger studded cookies will surprise you with a hint of toffee bits. These crisps are rolled in raw sugar giving them an extra bit of crunch. 
Jam Dots
Melt in your mouth butter cookies beautifully accented with a jewel-toned center of raspberry preserves.

Please Note: Sarah Bakes products may contain nuts, wheat, and dairy; and are baked in a facility which handles these potential allergens. 
All quantities and weights are approximate and vary from batch to batch.

The Sarah Bakes Ovens Get Turned On For You!

Each tin of Sarah Bakes cookies and brownies are freshly baked for you. And 
I really mean YOU!  There are no big bins of cookies sitting around, days on end waiting for the call!  

These baked goodies are chosen either by you, the eater, or by the gift-giver, cookie by cookie.

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