Cynwyd Trail Mix: 14 cookies

Choco Nuts: 10 cookies  •  Crazy Oats: 14 cookies
Snickerdoodles: 14 cookies  •  Chippers: 30 cookies
Sarah’s Best Brownies: 5 individually wrapped
Ginger Crisps: 16 cookies  •  Jam Dots: 12 cookies
PB Oat & Chip: 14 cookies • Oaties: 14 cookies
Available in Pink or Chocolate Brown: $15 each

“Chinese-Style” Take-Out Box

"Oooh, that's good!"  What could be better than hearing that with an accompanying smile?  The answer is: Giving someone a yummy taste to provoke that response!!  And that's what I get all morning when I sample (and sell) Sarah Bakes at the Bryn Mawr Farmers (PA) Market.  Offerings often include: Luscious Lemon Buttermilk Cakes, Best Brownies and Chippers, Almond Macaroons Sandwich Cookies with rich Belgian Callebaut chocolate ganache, and Millet Muffins with a hint of orange zest.  There's something for everyone on Saturday mornings!

But the best part of this new Market is meeting new customers, seeing old ones from the Bala Cynwyd Market which was my old homestead for six years, and making introductions.  So stop by and be apart of our community!  It's tasty and friendly. Upcoming dates: November 12th and November 19th. 9am-1pm.  More dates to follow. For additional info on the Market:
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Sarah Bakes At The Bryn Mawr Farmers Market!

Welcome to Sarah Bakes

Celebrating 11 Years!

Sarah’s Best Brownies: $50
16 individually wrapped brownies. Choose (minimum of 4 each) from the original Best Brownies (rich and fudgy), Best Brownies with Toasted Pecans, S'Blondies (a bar cookie featuring coconut, toffee bits, walnuts and bittersweet chocolate chips), PB S'Brownies (swirled with peanut butter), or Gluten Free S'Brownies (made with sweet sorghum flour).

The Cookie Sampler: $28
Pick this beautifully packaged tin of cookies (approximately one pound). Choose up to three of your favorites and everyone will be so happy!

How to Order Sarah Bakes

Sarah Bakes desserts are available in a variety of gift–giving options. So think big taste, great satisfaction, and huge smiles when giving or indulging! To read more about What Sarah Bakes, click here.

Elegant & Decorative Tins

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